Apr 222013

This week we bring you a special giveaway from our own shop, Armadillo Dreams. For those who may have recently discovered our blog and are not familiar with our shop, Armadillo Dreams is where we sell our handmade wooden toys that we make from our home based wood shop.

Usually our Monday posts have sponsor interviews and giveaways. We do have a giveaway (see below), but we’re not going to interview ourselves because that would be… well… a little weird. Instead, we would like to tell you about a few really exciting announcements…

#1 – We are proud to announce the grand opening of our very own website - http://armadillodreams.com! Having our own website is the next big step for our business. Purchases made on our website will benefit our family more directly. We’ve worked hard to make our website customer friendly and you will find all of the toys we sell on Etsy on our new website. We will also still have our Etsy shop for all of our loyal Etsy fans. Our Etsy shop is where it all started and we will never close it.

#2 – We are starting our own customer service phone number! You will see it posted on our website and our Etsy shop along with days and hours that we will be answering the phone. If you have questions about our toys, an existing order or just want to say hi, we are just a phone call away!

#3 – To kick off the launch of our new website and customer service phone number, we are having a grand opening sale this week (4/22-4/27)! You can save 25% on everything we make! There’s no coupon code required, all prices are automatically discounted.


To celebrate our website’s grand opening we are also going to giveaway one of our 3 month surprise toy subscriptions to one lucky winner. Each month your child or the child of your choosing will receive a surprise toy in the mail that we choose for them! Children love getting surprise packages in the mail each month and can’t wait to open them and see what’s inside.

Entries are open to anyone worldwide and you can enter the giveaway up to 5 times…

#1. Leave a comment
#2. Share on Facebook (come back & leave a 2nd comment afterwards)
#3. Tweet on Twitter (come back & leave a 3rd comment afterwards)
#4. Pin on Pinterest (come back & leave a 4th comment afterwards)
#5. Share on your blog (come back & leave a 5th comment afterwards)

The giveaway will run from Monday (4/22) to Friday (4/26). The winner will be announced within this post on Saturday (4/27).

4/27/2013 update: The lucky randomly chosen winner is comment #89, congrats Stacy!!! Stay tuned for more fun interviews and giveaways every Monday!


We would like to thank our blog readers and our loyal customers for helping our business grow to where it is and even beyond. Our family is very grateful!

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      117 Responses to “Sale and Giveaway from Armadillo Dreams”

    1. Love the toy of the month club!

    2. What a terrific giveaway! We love all of our toys from Armadillo Dreams!

    3. Shared this great giveaway on my FB business page too!

    4. This would be wonderful for my 4 year old son who loves to pretend with little wood animals

    5. I shared the giveaway & sale with my readers at https://www.facebook.com/HowTheSunRose

    6. Congrats on opening your website shop! Great giveaway!

    7. such a sweet idea:) thank you!

    8. Yay! How exciting!

    9. Shared on Facebook :)

    10. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win this great subscription!

    11. Love you toys!

    12. Shared on Facebook!

    13. Pinned!

    14. I shared on my ziezo Facebook page.

    15. A monthly toy subscription is a great idea!

    16. Love your toys, and congratulations on your grand opening!

    17. This giveaway is awesome!

    18. What a fabulous idea, a gift a month :) I’m in, will share on fb and pin x

    19. Shared on fb

    20. Pinned :)

    21. Oh my, I have been *dying* to get my boys subscriptions to your toy of the month club! How perfect! Congrats on the new website!

    22. I shared this fab giveaway on my Facebook page! (Beth Duncan Carter)

    23. I shared on both my personal page and Starfire Studio page. <3

    24. I tweeted the giveaway! @utopianlass

    25. And posted about it at http://rainbow.dreamwidth.org/ and rainbow.livejournal.com. <3

    26. What a brilliant giveaway! I’m excited to check out the new site (love the branding/logo/etc!)

    27. Love your stuff, what a great giveaway!

    28. I have admired your etsy store and LOVE your narwhal! I must order one for either me or maybe one of my daughters!

    29. Just shared on Facebook! Again love love love your wooden toys!

    30. Just tweeted about your wonderful toys!

    31. Just pinned! I wish I had a blog so I could get a 5th entry! Oh well, only takes one to win!

    32. So happy for you and your business~

    33. Yay! So happy for you!

    34. My 5 year old son would love to win this.

    35. I love your shop so much!

    36. Congratulations on your new shop!

    37. Thanks for this giveaway!!!!

    38. My daughter would love this, I know I love the toy of the month club!

    39. I shared this giveaway on facebook!

    40. I also shared this giveaway on twitter!

    41. This is a great giveaway! We love your wooden animals.

    42. Yay giveaway!

    43. Great giveaway! I would love to win some toys for my baby girl.

    44. what an adorable store idea! GOOD LUCK!

    45. shared on facebook. here is the link~

    46. I love this idea! Your company is amazing!

    47. I shared on FB!
      Carissa Simpson Fajardo

    48. I also tweeted :)

    49. Also pinned!!! ;)
      Under Random things I like – Pinterest name Carissa Fajardo

    50. This would be perfect for our new little guy!

    51. We want to win!!!! Awesome store.

    52. Ooh, pick me please!!!

    53. My sweet boy loves receiving stuff in the mail. This would be such an awesome gift for him.

    54. Shared with all my friends on Facebook

    55. Pinned on Pinterest

    56. We would love this. Congrats on your new web site!

    57. How neat! My kids would love this!

      hrfarley at gmail dot com

    58. This is great! Thanks for the giveaway!

    59. Awesome!

    60. My son would love it!

    61. Great toys! Thanks for the chance to win

    62. I love your products, and would love to win the giveaway!

    63. Shared on facebook for another chance to win :)

    64. I would love to win this for my son! Thanks for the opportunity!

    65. ohmygosh I am so excited for you guys! LOVE your stuff. Congrats on the new website and thanks for a chance to win the giveaway!

    66. I just posted about it on fb! https://www.facebook.com/ZucchiniSummer?fref=ts Tagged you in the post too so you should be able to see it. :)

    67. Awesome Giveaway!

      mysticbutterfly37 at yahoo.com

    68. Im sure these will really come in handy. Thanks.

    69. We Love Our AD Toys. CoNgrats ON The Website

    70. My son would love this. Thank you!

    71. what a great giveaway!!!

    72. We love your toys! We would be thrilled to win!

    73. I shared on facebook

    74. Tweeted!

    75. I love your creations!

    76. Would love to win!!!

    77. Thank you so much! My son would be so thrilled!

    78. Tweeted thank you!

    79. Shared on facebook! Thank you!

    80. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    81. This is just so fantastic! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

    82. This is such a great idea! ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

    83. Just saw your armadillo toy on the Airplanes and Dragonflies blog, and LOVED it! I’m a Texan living in Virginia, and I think it would be so much fun for my baby girl to have a wooden armadillo toy! (We already have a brass armadillo sitting on our bookshelf, lol.) Love your toys!

    84. I love the idea of the toy of the month subscription. Thanks for the giveaway!

    85. How fun is this! Love a toy-of-the-month club idea!

    86. Very sweet giveaway. Thank you!

    87. I would love to win this prize for my children. Thanks for the chance.

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